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Simple Winter Skincare

Winter is horrible on everyone’s skin, from D3 to me. I for one have been dealing with acne prone skin my whole life and I feel like I have to change up my routine in the winter so I don’t have dry flaky skin on top of acne flare-ups.


  • Change up your cleanser-I have a summer cleanser and a winter cleanser. If your cleanser makes your skin feel tight and dry during the winter months try changing to a milder cleanser.


  •  Don’t Wash your face as much-Also if your skin is drying out try skipping the daily shower or don’t overwash. That just dries your skin out even more. We had to change up D3’s bath routine last winter because his dry skin he was developing. So we just give him a bath every other day


  • Moisturize. Choose one that has an SPF and a little goes a long way in the winter. Don’t skip the sunscreen!

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