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Picnic in the City 

Looking for something fun to do downtown?

Pack a lunch,  go to one of many green spaces downtown and have a picnic! A picnic is a great and inexpensive way to get out of the house and explore downtown.

What to bring on a picnic?? 

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Baby Wipes


Bottled Beverages and opener

Utensils (including a knife)

First Aid Supplies

Condiments and Seasonings

Kitchen Towel

Trash Bag

Ice Packs


Something to do (Game or Baseball, Football, etc)

What kind of food to bring?

Fruit and Dip

Hummus and Pretzels


Veggie Straws

Don’t forget something sweet!

Sugar Bowl Bakery located in California sent me a couple of goodies to try, and let me tell you they were a hit with this family. You can find Apple and Cherry Fritters at your local Kroger. Please note the Cherry flavor will only be available for a limited time, so hurry and grab some for your next picnic or family get together!#collab

Make sure to check them out at


So when you’re in a funk of trying to figure out something fun and exciting to do this summer, just pack a bag and go on a picnic!

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