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Holiday Hostess

8 quick tips on being a memorable hostess this Holiday Season.

Hint, just make sure your wine glasses actually have wine in them for your parties.

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Holiday Hosting

I hope these quick tips make your next Hoilday get together a little less stressfull and more enjoyable for you, the hostess with the most-ess.

1. Give yourself lots of time especially with a toddler running around

I like to plan for a party at least a week in advance, the menu, decor and seating arrangement. It gives me time to think about how I want things set out what would work out best for the group coming over. Plus, doesn’t everything take longer with a two-year-old?

2. Keep your guest list small

We live in a condo so have less than 10 people over is ideal. Yes, we could squeeze in more guests in but then we would be struggling to find comfortable seating for everyone. Always make sure your guest are comfortable.


3. Make your menu simple

You want to keep your menu simple so you can be out with your guest visiting instead of in the kitchen preparing 4 or 5 courses.

4. Don’t cook something new or try a new recipe

A party is more likely to be successful if you cook something you’ve made before, you know is going to turn out well, and you know tastes great.


5. Make sure your home smells good and is well lit

No one wants to be welcomed into smelly home that feels like a dark dungeon. I love the holiday scented candles from Bath and Body Works.

6. Set boundaries

Like I mentioned before, we live in a condo so every room in our home is always open. No room in our home is blocked off, I try to make people feel as welcome as possible. I always try to give people who have never been to our home a tour, so they know where everything is. There is nothing worse than going to someone’s home and being stuck in one room. That being said if you have a larger house and want to keep the upstairs off limits make sure you set those boundaries.


7.  Enlist Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Enlist some to bring an appetizer or dessert. People always want to help. Also having friends that make amazing tablescapes is a plus. Thank you, Brooke! 

8. Mingle

My numero uno thing I try to do when I have people over. Make sure you try and talk to every person, have a conversation with them, thank them for coming over. I hate it when I go over to someones home, invited and they avoid me or have no interest in having a conversation with you.

9. Always make sure your guest have a drink or have been offered a drink

A happy guest is a hydrated guest and it also makes people feel better when they don’t have to ask for things.

Happy Holiday Hosting!

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