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New Year

New Goals

New Year’s Resolutions are challenging in and of themselves, let alone living downtown and entertaining a toddler 24/7! I am constantly on the go and routine is something that our family doesn’t do. We are too spontaneous to stick to a daily routine. However, recently I have realized the importance of a routine with toddlers, so that will be one of my number one goals in the new year is to establish a routine for our family. Here are some less time-consuming goals and tools to help achieve better self-care.

Meal Planning – Eating Healthy has never been easier with meal subscription services

Take those vitamins – Like everything now you can get your personalized vitamins shipped to you.

New tumbler – Drink your water, you know you need to so why not get a new cup to motivate you to do so.

Workout – This goes back to my routine resolution. Setting a time each day to go to the YMCA, and just take an hour for me. Yoga, pilates or swim a few laps.

Capturing Memories-So I know a lot of us do this on a daily basis with our phones so why not polish it up a bit with a video diary. 1 Second Everyday is an awesome app to capture everyday moments of your life.  

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