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Downtown Life: The Introduction

by Amanda Stratman | July 3, 2017

Living downtown is nothing short of amazing. We can walk and just about get anything and do anything we want to do. For those that are not familiar with downtown Indianapolis, most of it can be accessed by the skywalk. Super helpful when it is raining or really cold out. It also can be dangerous too, as in Chick Fil A is walkable distance and I don’t have to go outside.

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am addicted to Chick Fil A sweet tea. There I said it.

In all seriousness, living downtown and raising a family downtown is a dream. My husband and I grew up in small(ish) towns and went to high schools that were in the middle of corn fields. Different corn fields about 130 miles apart. πŸ™‚ Our son will have a completely different life. We can walk to the Indianapolis Zoo on any given afternoon, check out the memorials and monuments on our evening walk, visit any museum or see an IMAX movie on a rainy day. Growing up I remember driving an hour to the nearest mall for a new pair of shoes, D3 will have to walk a block to the Finish Line in the mall. We can walk to an Indianapolis Indians game, Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts game anytime we want. Preferably when the Colts play the Patriots. #tombrady

The Indianapolis Zoo

Living a short walk to the zoo is fantastic. We have a family membership, so when we have visitors we can all go and enjoy an afternoon. The best part we don’t have to plan a whole day that revolves around getting to the zoo, time at the zoo and driving home from the zoo. If we just go for 30 minutes because someone is sleepy, it’s ok and the whole day is not wasted.


The Parks

Β Most people do not realize the cute little parks that are downtown. We are lucky enough to have a park that’s right behind Grandma and Grandpa Stratman’s condo. We love to go there with grandma and grandpa πŸ™‚ Not to mention the great green spaces at White River State Park and the Indiana War Memorial Park.

I will share some of our adventures with D3 downtown. Sometimes we have too much fun to remember to take pictures. πŸ™‚ I’ll also be posting living downtown: Home Edition. How do we fit a baby, a dog, and two adults into a 2bed 2bath apartment? What are your favorite family activities to do downtown? Do you have any questions about downtown living?

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