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Simple Winter Skincare

Simple Winter Skincare Winter is horrible on everyone's skin, from D3 to me. I for one have been dealing with acne prone skin my whole life and I feel like I have to change up my routine in the winter so I don’t have dry flaky skin on top of acne flare-ups.  ...

New Year, New Goals

New Year New GoalsNew Year’s Resolutions are challenging in and of themselves, let alone living downtown and entertaining a toddler 24/7! I am constantly on the go and routine is something that our family doesn’t do. We are too spontaneous to stick to a daily routine....

Zaxby’s to the Rescue

Zaxby's to the Holiday Rescuse Who else needs a break in the kitchen this time a year? I know I do! Hopefully, I can help! I’m giving one of my followers a $25 gift card to one of our go-to quick meal restaurants, Zaxby’s. We were recently invited to check out...

Giving Back

Giving Back with Jingle Books It's never too early to teach your child to give back. Christmas time is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things we have been blessed with and give back to those who may not have as much.  Last year we made gift bags for Riley...

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