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10 Things to do before 10 am

How you start your day sets the tone for daily productivity. Gain positive momentum with these 10 things I have found to be productive to do each morning.

  1. Make the Bed

Its such a small task but it makes the room feel put together.

2. Open your blinds/curtains

Let the light in and take in the beauty of a new day and a fresh start. Plus, waking up to the Indianapolis skyline is never a bad thing. 

3. Exercise/stretch

The older I get the more necessary this one is. I try to get in an hour of yoga or pilates in the morning. I even sneak away to a class at our local YMCA in the mornings when Dean will be working from home.

4. Get dressed and ready for the day

I’m the kinda girl that loves her yoga/athleisure looks but also can only wear them so often. I enjoy clothes and fashion too much to wear one type of style of clothes all the time. Plus wearing a little mascara makes me feel like I can tackle the world.

5. Pray/Meditate

Again this is another one that becomes more important the older I get. I love to take just a couple of moments each morning when I’m straightening up the house and just pray. I pray for a lot of things, which I will not get in to but I also like to take this quiet time to think of all the things I’m thankful for and my heart is filled with so much gratitude for the rest of the day.

6. Tidy the Home

Mentioned above, I like to have a fresh start each day. So I tidy up the living room, kitchen and D3’s room so we can have a new day of play without picking up stuff at a time later.

7. Compliment yourself

This may sound silly but when you are getting ready in the morning, give yourself one compliment. Man, no breakouts today?! Look at you with your great skin! 

8. Read something uplifting and motivational

Being that I blog, I find myself looking at other bloggers IG and Facebook and find something uplifting and motivational from them. I love @lakeshorelady she gives her followers all the uplifting and motivational feels.

9. Eat a healthy breakfast/prepare one for your family

Something I need to get better at. D3 has never been a breakfast person, but more of a mid-morning snacker. So, therefore, I do something fast like a granola bar for myself and Dean. So if you have easy and fast breakfast options send them to me!

10.  Always tell someone I love you

Always, always, always! When Dean leaves for the office or when D3 wakes up the first words out of my mouth. Those to boys make my heart so full, I just have to tell them all the time!

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